Jessica DEANE Rosner


Jessica Deane Rosner primarily works on paper with ink, gouache, and marker to create labor intensive, intricate drawings. Within every series and across media that includes cloth and rubber gloves, she strives for control while allowing mistakes and accidents to remain visible, revealing a measure of fragility and humanity. Her work often incorporates text, giving it a diaristic quality.

Jessica Deane Rosner holds a B.F.A.from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her works on paper are in public and private collections including the R.I.S.D. Museum of Art and Smith College. She has exhibited nationally at galleries and museums including the DeCordova Museum, The David Winton Bell Gallery and Dorsky, L.I.C.. Yellow Peril Gallery brought both her works on paper and embroidery to SCOPE, Miami. Rosner has been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony, NH, and at the V.C.C.A. in Amherst, VA. Her drawings are in the flat files of Pierogi Gallery in NYC and Carroll & Sons in MA. She is represented by Yellow Peril Gallery in RI, where she lives and works.

Artist Statement: With my abstract drawings I am always fighting between control and lack of control. I have one perfect shape, that I create using a template or a straight edge, and hard as I try to duplicate it, I can’t. My circles widen and narrow. My lines wiggle. 
Each drawing in the Slinky Series begins in the same way: I draw one ‘perfect’ circle using a template, or compass. All the lines that follow are drawn freehand. I call them Slinkies because they remind me of the wire toy I had when I was young.
In the end, it is this betrayal of my humanity that gives the work a little complexity. My hand is interfering with what could be a ‘perfect’ drawing. I allow the flaws to remain to prove to myself and to everyone, that we are more interesting and compassionate when we acknowledge and expose our imperfections.