I photograph the familiar visual backdrop of life in an effort to bring to light the beauty of the world that is hidden in plain sight. Much of the time I use older Polaroid cameras loaded with Fuji 100c “instant” analog print film, employing simple tools to create complex images via multiple exposure and other hand-held techniques. More recently, I take photographs with my iPhone 8 Plus camera.

My analog instant prints and iPhone shots are never cropped, filtered, or "Photoshopped" to manipulate their composition (although it may look that way). I am a purist. The images you see here are what I see 60 seconds after the instant print is peeled from the developer layer, and even more immediately when I shoot with my iPhone. 

Exploring the interplay and tension between artist control and happenstance, and opening the door for Chance, the resulting photographs surprise with a visual power to bring new meanings to what we see every day.

Selected as a Winner of the 2013 National Photography Competition. Exhibited at the Soho Photo Gallery, NYC July 2013